Why I’m So Over Facebook’s Crap

My Dad, who resisted Facebook for years, recently signed up for his very own profile and I think he put it best: “Why, everyone’s on there!” And it’s true. Everyone really is on there.  I’m hesitant to delete it altogether for this very reason. It’s how everyone connects anymore. Wanna get in touch with an old friend? You’d better have Facebook. Want to see photos of your nephews that live out of state? You’d better have Facebook. Want to connect with a long lost family member? You get my point.  It’s become the gold standard for keeping in touch with others. People are absolutely flabbergasted when they learn that someone doesn’t have one. I have to tell you though, I am getting incredibly burnt out on it. Like I said, I haven’t deleted yet ( and I mean really delete. Not just that deactivate your profile stuff), but I’m close. I believe that Facebook does have its benefits, but at this point, they don’t outweigh the negative impact it’s having on my life. And I’m not even talking about the fact that they sell my data (and all that jazz in the media lately). Here are my reasons:

Facebook is the biggest timesuck in the universe.

I cannot even tell you how many times a day I open it just to mindlessly peruse the same posts I’ve already looked at. Before I know it, I’ve been on there for two hours. What’s sad is the fact that most of my “friends” are people that I don’t even really know anymore, like old friends from high school and people that I used to work with years ago. I would know nothing about them if not for Facebook. I’m investing way too much of my time into people who are essentially strangers to me.

Facebook is a total lie.

Yep, and a big fat one. It’s merely an outlet for us to spitshine our lives. We pick and choose the moments we want to share. What you don’t know is that about thirty minutes before I posted that picture of me and my son, with our hair still wet from the shower, smiling sweetly at one another, he had a massive diaper blowout and we literally had yellow diarrhea all over my living room. Facebook’s a stage and I’m tired of performing.

Facebook causes Comparison Flu.

No, that’s not a real term, but it is a real affliction. Even though I know that most of what everyone posts on facebook is a lie, I can’t help comparing my life to it and wondering what I’m doing wrong. “Why can’t I decorate my house like so and so does? Man, I have no taste whatsoever.”  “Why can’t my kid be as well behaved as so and so’s?” And so on. It’s a constant stream of negative thought and it sometimes make me forget that I’m God’s daughter and He loves me, warts and all.

So those are my reasons. I think they’re pretty good ones. I’ve almost convinced myself to quit Facebook for good. Almost.

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